Finding the Right Rehab Center: A Guide For Patients

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If you’ve chosen to find the right rehab center, then you’re not going to want to rush through the process of choosing the right one.  A rehab center provides you with critical care during the initial stage of your path to recovery.  Naturally, the quality of that care can make or break your ability to transition into a sober lifestyle.

Most people are unaware of how to choose a suitable rehab center for their requirements.  In fact, they may not know the various rehab center types or the ideal center for rehabilitation.

What is a Rehab Center?

In the general sense, a rehab center is a facility that assists individuals in restoring their physical health or condition.  But in this context, a rehab center is a facility that is devoted to helping others treat addiction to drugs and alcohol.  It helps patients undergo detox, which involves withdrawing from the addictive substance. Rehab centers offer group and individual therapy to aid patients in comprehending their substance dependency and preparing for a sober life.

The Importance of Finding the Right Rehab Center

As you may have guessed, some rehab centers are better than others.  When selecting the right rehab center, ensure the facility can offer you the required care.  Rehab centers can differ from one another when it comes to things like:

·  Quality of staff

·  Individualized care

·  Understanding of different types of drug addictions

·  Cleanliness and safety of the facility

·  Comfort of accommodations

·  Methods of detox

·  Cost/compatibility with your insurance

·  Location

Going to a rehab center in order to get treated for addiction is one of the most significant decisions of your life – if not the single most significant.  Because of this, you want to consider all of these things carefully.  Going to a rehab center that can’t give you the proper care you need can mean your recovery is compromised.

Types of Rehabilitation Centers

You can choose from a few different types of the right rehab centers.  Each rehab center has unique pros and cons, so let’s go over the main ones you may encounter.

·  Long-Term Inpatient Facilities: Largely viewed as the best option, patients stay there for 60 days or longer.  Patients are able to live in the facility and receive prolonged, intensive care without any distractions or triggers from the outside world.

·  Short-Term Inpatient Facilities: Typically provide care for about 30 days and the same type of treatment as above, just for a shorter period.

·  Outpatient Care: Provides the same forms of treatment as inpatient facilities, but the patient goes home every day and must be very dedicated to their sobriety to succeed.

·  State-Funded Rehab Centers: Great option for those whose insurance will not cover privately owned facilities.  But keep in mind that these types of facilities usually operate on a lower budget and may have a waitlist.

·  Luxury Facilities: They tend to be more expensive but usually have the most advanced treatment and personalized care forms.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rehabilitation Center

When choosing a rehab center, best to take specific factors into account in order to know that you’re going to get the care that you need.  Not to mention, have good odds of successfully withdrawing from a substance and also maintaining a sober lifestyle moving forward. 

1. Compatibility with Your Insurance/Budget: Of course, you need to know that a rehab center is financially accessible.  Make sure that they accept your insurance or can work within your budget.  Again, state-funded rehab centers can be viable for those with budget constraints.

2. Licensing/Certification: Ensure that the facility and staff have received proper licenses/certifications to provide treatment for addiction.

3. Mental Health Services: Mental health services are a critical part of rehabilitation, so make sure that group and individual therapy options are provided.

4. Positive Reviews/Success Rates: Look at reviews of the facility and also ask what their success rate is – in other words, the rate at which their patients are able to recover from addiction successfully.

5. Evidence-Based Treatment: Look at the types of treatments they offer, and make sure they are based on evidence of their efficacy.

6. Medical Detox: Most facilities provide medical detox, which involves using medical-based techniques to help a patient withdraw from their addictive substance. If this is necessary for you, ensure that the facility offers it.

7. Experience with Your Particular Addiction: It’s important that the facility you visit is capable of helping you with your specific addiction, as different addictions may require different types of detox and different types of post-detox treatment.

Visiting a Rehab Center: What to Look For

The good news, most rehab centers allow you to visit before becoming a patient.  If possible, take the opportunity to visit the right rehab center in person because that may be the best way to get an idea as to whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

When touring a rehab center, inquire about the factors we previously discussed that may affect your recovery.  Also, observe both the patients and the staff to get a feel for the quality of care and environment.  Ask yourself if you could be comfortable in this facility for up to several months. 

Going with the Right Rehab Center Really Does Make a Difference

Yes, a rehabilitation center can make or break your ability to recover from alcohol or drug addiction.  That’s why you want to really do your homework and research different facilities in your area.  Also, just because a particular center has clean facilities and friendly staff doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right center for you.

4 Seasons Detox has licensed staff members that are trained to handle all forms of substance addiction, with friendly and comfortable accommodations coupled with the most up-to-date solutions for treating addiction.  Come explore our facility today.

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