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Admitting you should pursue treatment for alcohol or drug addiction means you are already one step closer to substance abuse recovery. But what rehabilitation program would most help meet the needs of you or your loved one? Our team at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House is here to help you with a custom rehab program for your unique needs.

We commit ourselves to help you overcome your substance abuse disorder and creating a treatment program that best serves you. Given that, our team tailors addiction treatment programs special for each person’s recovery journey. Why? Because you deserve treatment that will sustain the test of time. We offer addiction treatment programs and ensure they fit your needs by customizing all our healing modalities.

The first step in an individual’s recovery journey is usually detox and medication-assisted treatment. Detox refers to removing drugs or alcohol from the body while being supervised by our medical team. They will manage your withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Depending on your unique situation, we may incorporate medications to help ease your discomfort due to withdrawal. The goal is to rid your body of addictive substances while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Getting help from a drug detox center with a team of professionals looking after you is extremely important for detoxing safely and managing withdrawal symptoms. During withdrawal, our addiction specialists monitor patients 24/7 and prescribe medications to help with any uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms. Individuals also receive therapeutic and mental health services to prepare them for the transition into our inpatient treatment program.

Our residential treatment program at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House offers 24/7 medical care and support to our patients. Residential treatment programs, also known as inpatient rehabilitation programs, offer a high level of care to support you or your loved one round-the-clock, which can be especially important to those in the early stages of recovery as they are more prone to relapse as well as those struggling with have co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Moreover, our inpatient addiction treatment program requires patients to live at our comfortable facility and follow specific rules, including frequent drug tests, to ensure compliance with their recovery plan. Throughout the program, patients are provided with the tools, resources, and therapies they need to strengthen their recovery. Our treatment services empower individuals with the tools and coping mechanisms they need to maintain long-term sobriety.

In addition to detox and residential programs, there are other treatment options available to your loved ones depending on personal needs and circumstances. Those who do not require 24/7 support may benefit from a partial hospitalization program.

Partial hospitalization programs, otherwise known as day treatment, help patients transition from inpatient services back to the real world. When enrolled in a partial hospitalization program, patients have access to a supportive environment as they begin to re-acclimate back into their normal routines. These programs are less intensive than residential treatment because patients return home at night to sleep (thus considered outpatient) but still offer structure and support during this vital time during the recovery process.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Because substance use disorder and other mental health issues often go hand in hand, we might need to consider dual diagnosis treatment as part of your addiction treatment program. This treatment combines mental health and addiction treatment to address conditions like mood and personality disorders, anxiety, and depression. We offer this program to help individuals get to the root of addictive tendencies that mental illness can worsen.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Consistent substance abuse results in a person becoming both physically and mentally dependent on drugs or alcohol. As a result, detox can be painful and, in some cases, even deadly. Many individuals require further support from medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help them navigate severe withdrawal symptoms. While MAT is not for everyone, this type of treatment allows individuals with severe addiction physical support that can make the recovery process easier. At 4 Seasons Detox, we put you on the best path toward relapse prevention as you begin your recovery journey and will work with your personal goals and treatment team to understand if this level of care is right for you.

Admitting you need help is often the most difficult part of the recovery journey. As you or your loved one begins the addiction treatment program at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House, a team of medical will support you in overcoming substance abuse will support you. Additionally, you will have your team cheering you on!

For more information on treatment options for alcohol or drug abuse, reach out to 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House. We can answer questions about treatment options, insurance coverage, and more. Therefore, call us today.

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